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Want to hear about some of the biggest mistakes made by successful CEOs and entrepreneurs?



Want to hear about some of the biggest mistakes made by successful CEOs and entrepreneurs? At the IAC BINA’s Fashla Night on April 27, Roy Dekel, CEO of SetSchedule, will join other business leaders in sharing their funniest and cringiest memories of their business careers where they found themselves “Crashing Into Potholes on the Road to Success.”


While there is no direct translation for the Hebrew word “Fashla”; It can loosely be translated to “catastrophic mess-up”, “catastrophe” or “epic fail”. Successful people in industries ranging from high-tech, politics and entertainment will share their hilarious Fashlas on their road to success, as well as how they overcame the setbacks. Come and get inspired and get some laughs in the process.


IAC BINA brings the Israeli-American and Jewish-American communities together by encouraging personal participation and engagement in order to strengthen the bond for American Jews with the IAC, and the State of Israel. BINA is the Hebrew word for “wisdom” and is pronounced bee-nah. Roy Dekel has partnered with IAC at business events, mentorship programs, and other endeavors to help young business-minded professionals.

The event will be held at Cross Campus Santa Monica from 7pm to 10pm. Tickets and additional information about the event, including the full lineup of speakers, can be found on the IAC’s website here.

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7 Best Charities for 2017 – Give thoughtfully



Today, I am awakened by a great man, Dr. Martin Luther King. A man who inspired a nation through dignity, humility, and courage to love one another. The spirit of Dr. King has taught us hope and love and through his compassion we have all been left with the responsibility to carry on his message.

While most people happily give to the less fortunate around the holidays. It is today that I most want to give, because today celebrates a legacy of a man who brought the world hope. Below, are a few charities that are deserving of your gifts. They embody and give tribute to the spirit of our nation and HOPE. Hope for our present, hope for the future, and hope that tomorrow with your help, will be better than today.

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studyingLos Angeles, CA – Roy Dekel, a seasoned venture capitalist, reputable businessman, and passionate member of the Israeli-American community, this week announced the scheduling of a series of events that will benefit prolific organizations such as Large Than Life and the Israeli American Council (IAC). Dedicated to giving back to the community that has helped him grow and flourish through the years, Dekel is an active member and philanthropist for multiple organizations, including Larger than Life and the IAC.


“As a member of these two hard-working and prominent organizations, I wanted to go above and beyond my annual commitment to them by helping expand their presence in Orange County while accruing the funds needed to support their operation,” said Dekel. “For as long as I can remember, it has always been my passion to help others. These two important organizations in my life deserve my help tenfold, and I am happy to help them secure a larger following.”


Large Than Life: L.A. Family is a Los Angeles based charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with cancer. The organization was founded in Israel in 2000 by parents who had children with cancer. Since then, it has established an international presence through its dedication and commitment to bettering children’s lives by providing financial assistance to cover procedures and medications not covered by health insurance.


The IAC also resonates with the native-born Israeli Dekel as an important network and supportive community of Israeli decedents living in the United States. Dekel grew up in Israel and served in the Army for 5 years before moving to America. Immediately after his move, he became the Director of Business Development at a development and building company. It was there he discovered his passion for business development, expansion, growth, and philanthropic possibilities for surrounding people and children.


“It’s important I support two charities that give back to the Israeli community that lifts me up every single day here in my beloved home of Los Angeles,” said Dekel. “After holding many titles in businesses around the area, I want to empower networks for aspiring businessman like myself, especially those starting to find their footing in America.”



For more information, or to follow Dekel’s philanthropic activities and scheduled charity events, visit: and

Give To Get

The subject of philanthropy and social care is a very vast one and with many perspectives but to the core of it all, just one principle worldwide-‘DO GOOD’. Philanthropy, is an expression of individualism, a way of living, a way of giving back to the society, a way to enhance the cultural values or a set of altruistic desires.

The world today needs more and more care socially and many such ventures which promote philanthropy. For generations, the context of philanthropy has been changing with the changes and needs of the society. The world of philanthropy has traveled from dealing with slavery issues to education, to industrial development, scientific advancement to arts. The demands and needs of society have changed with time and so has the work of the philanthropists. Unlike charity the effect of which is momentary, philanthropy consistently provides opportunities and supports projects and endeavors of community members. Philanthropy also leads to the development of much-ignored institutions like libraries, art centers, museums, research centers and such other centers beneficial to the society.

It is probably more easily done by the gen next as they are the most efficient innovative, considering the tools of advanced technology at their disposal. There is so much that can be achieved by implementing software and interactive communication. Philanthropy needs to step into the world of entrepreneurship, not to raise funds but to create thriving economies in communities making the philanthropic ventures sustainable and self-reliant. Successful ventures can be built around entrepreneurial zest and agility, which can come from right experiences and relationship with strong foundations.

A few of the organizations are attempting to make a difference to the society and create a dent by giving back to the society. One such venture is the IAC, Israeli American Council which aims at strengthening the next generation of Israeli American community, which plays a major role in all fields of social activism, academia, culture and innovation. The organization achieves its goals by empowering and sponsoring various non-profit organizations within the community. Another organization which works for improving the well being of Israelis and all humanity through leadership in science and technology is the ATC, American Technion Society, The Israeli counterpart of the organization is the key to Israel’s title as the ‘worlds start up nation”.

With many such organizations and individuals such as Roy Dekel, working towards the betterment of society, the day is not far when we will see a society with lesser issues to be solved. Roy Dekel has a flourishing career graph to his credit and is a positive role model to his community members. He is an active member of various charitable organizations promoting the growth of Jewish and Israeli communities.

Philanthropic Investing

Earlier this month Kerry Hannon wrote an article for on the relatively new initiative amongst investors, impact investing. Impact investing is essentially choosing to invest in ventures which support initiatives or causes that you believe in. Whether it be a global or national challenge, you’re choosing to invest in a company that’s helping a greater good through stocks or bonds. These types of investments are not only beneficial to your financial future, they’re in many ways more greatly beneficial to the world around us.

In the article, Hannon references U.S. Trust’s 2015 survey which “found that roughly a third of high-net-worth investors either own or are interested in owning social-impact assets.” The survey consisted of 640 high net worth adults nationwide, with at least $3million in investable assets. U.S. Trust concluded that while there is strong desire to give back through impact investing, there is a lack of understanding amongst those who were opposed. Among those not interested in impact investing, 23% said they were unwilling to accept lower returns while 10% admitted to not fully understanding impact investments.

Hannon goes on to share with readers that the return on investment doesn’t “have to be subpar”. For that 23% who were unwilling to accept lower returns, they might be happy to know that Calvert Equity, which Hannon points out to be “one of largest and oldest socially responsible mutual funds, gained over 10% in the past five years. She goes on to shed light on several other impact investments that had upwards of a 10% return. So these companies, whose focus might be world poverty or affordable housing, are working towards making a huge social-impact and ultimately might surprise you in your return on investment.

It’s rather refreshing to know that “the wealthy” are becoming increasingly involved in such philanthropic efforts, although it’s still more refreshing to hear of people giving back without the expectation of return. It’s so important to simply give outside of the transaction mindset. Supporting a greater good, whether it be through investments, donations, or simply volunteer work is always an admirable trait; however, as Kerry Hannon wrote, “I think the most impactful investments I make are with my time.”


Custom Chairs for Habitat for Humanity

If custom chairs are your thing, high-end Italian furniture manufacturer Promemoria presented customized Bilou Bilou dining chairs for the “Chairs For Charity” auction.  These unique chairs were designed by eight outstanding interior designers and exhibited at Dragonette Ltd. during the 2015 Legends of La Cienega design festival. Chairs ranged from $2,030 to $3,610 each featuring various upholstery and decorative linings. Proceeds from the Paddle8 auction went to the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles.

For more information on these exquisite pieces, check out the article on LA Times: Customized Chairs for Charity to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

Although the auction is currently closed, you can also look at the Paddle8 website and view these beautifully auctioned chairs.

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