The subject of philanthropy and social care is a very vast one and with many perspectives but to the core of it all, just one principle worldwide-‘DO GOOD’. Philanthropy, is an expression of individualism, a way of living, a way of giving back to the society, a way to enhance the cultural values or a set of altruistic desires.

The world today needs more and more care socially and many such ventures which promote philanthropy. For generations, the context of philanthropy has been changing with the changes and needs of the society. The world of philanthropy has traveled from dealing with slavery issues to education, to industrial development, scientific advancement to arts. The demands and needs of society have changed with time and so has the work of the philanthropists. Unlike charity the effect of which is momentary, philanthropy consistently provides opportunities and supports projects and endeavors of community members. Philanthropy also leads to the development of much-ignored institutions like libraries, art centers, museums, research centers and such other centers beneficial to the society.

It is probably more easily done by the gen next as they are the most efficient innovative, considering the tools of advanced technology at their disposal. There is so much that can be achieved by implementing software and interactive communication. Philanthropy needs to step into the world of entrepreneurship, not to raise funds but to create thriving economies in communities making the philanthropic ventures sustainable and self-reliant. Successful ventures can be built around entrepreneurial zest and agility, which can come from right experiences and relationship with strong foundations.

A few of the organizations are attempting to make a difference to the society and create a dent by giving back to the society. One such venture is the IAC, Israeli American Council which aims at strengthening the next generation of Israeli American community, which plays a major role in all fields of social activism, academia, culture and innovation. The organization achieves its goals by empowering and sponsoring various non-profit organizations within the community. Another organization which works for improving the well being of Israelis and all humanity through leadership in science and technology is the ATC, American Technion Society, The Israeli counterpart of the organization is the key to Israel’s title as the ‘worlds start up nation”.

With many such organizations and individuals such as Roy Dekel, working towards the betterment of society, the day is not far when we will see a society with lesser issues to be solved. Roy Dekel has a flourishing career graph to his credit and is a positive role model to his community members. He is an active member of various charitable organizations promoting the growth of Jewish and Israeli communities.