Want to hear about some of the biggest mistakes made by successful CEOs and entrepreneurs? At the IAC BINA’s Fashla Night on April 27, Roy Dekel, CEO of SetSchedule, will join other business leaders in sharing their funniest and cringiest memories of their business careers where they found themselves “Crashing Into Potholes on the Road to Success.”


While there is no direct translation for the Hebrew word “Fashla”; It can loosely be translated to “catastrophic mess-up”, “catastrophe” or “epic fail”. Successful people in industries ranging from high-tech, politics and entertainment will share their hilarious Fashlas on their road to success, as well as how they overcame the setbacks. Come and get inspired and get some laughs in the process.


IAC BINA brings the Israeli-American and Jewish-American communities together by encouraging personal participation and engagement in order to strengthen the bond for American Jews with the IAC, and the State of Israel. BINA is the Hebrew word for “wisdom” and is pronounced bee-nah. Roy Dekel has partnered with IAC at business events, mentorship programs, and other endeavors to help young business-minded professionals.

The event will be held at Cross Campus Santa Monica from 7pm to 10pm. Tickets and additional information about the event, including the full lineup of speakers, can be found on the IAC’s website here.