Today, I am awakened by a great man, Dr. Martin Luther King. A man who inspired a nation through dignity, humility, and courage to love one another. The spirit of Dr. King has taught us hope and love and through his compassion we have all been left with the responsibility to carry on his message.

While most people happily give to the less fortunate around the holidays. It is today that I most want to give, because today celebrates a legacy of a man who brought the world hope. Below, are a few charities that are deserving of your gifts. They embody and give tribute to the spirit of our nation and HOPE. Hope for our present, hope for the future, and hope that tomorrow with your help, will be better than today.

  1. I Have A Name Project (

When Jon Linton began gathering imagery to document the homeless on the streets to better understand the conditions and difficulty of those without a home, he encountered a man that cried when asked his name, “You have no idea how long it has been since someone cared to ask my name”, the homeless man stated. This interaction served at the inspiration for I Have A Name Project whose plight includes aspiring greater awareness of the Homeless condition and resolves to restore dignity and inspire change.

  1. Scholarship America (

Scholarship America is an investment in our future. They provide scholarships and other educational support to make continuing education possible for all.  They have recently expanded their reach and not only work with the private sector, but the public policy field as well.

  1. Planned Parenthood (

100 years strong this charity is a trusted provider, educator, and advocate for women providing significant reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide.

  1. I Have A Dream Foundation (

The “I Have A Dream” Foundation would of course make the list. This charity supports low income communities by guaranteeing tuition support for higher education. By supporting the student while in high school, this charity has not only created support for successful college graduates, but helped to increase local high school graduation rates.

  1. Guide Dog Foundation (

The mission of the Guide Dog Foundation is simple. They help the blind and visually impaired by providing guide dogs and training to assist in everyday day life tasks, so the blind and visually impaired can live without limits.

  1. Animal Welfare Institute (

The Animal Welfare Institute has been a staple since 1951. They are devoted to reduction of animal suffering and have sought to search better treatment for animals everywhere.

  1. Breast Cancer Research Foundation (

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the top research foundation, revolutionizing the understanding of breast cancer, the most common cancer of women worldwide. Breast Cancer Research Foundation has 200 researchers working toward a cure to one of the nation’s greatest problems.