Working with agents like Roy Dekel

Before reaching out to a real estate agency, such as SetSchedule, Roy Dekel suggest examining the motivation behind selling your house. Consider the amount of time you would like to sell in, and take some time to better understand the current market. You can benefit greatly by working with an agent, as they are fully aware of the steps to selling a house.

It is suggested to interview a few agents, either by pretending to be a buyer at local open houses, or calling up real estate agencies and asking real estate agents questions regarding the current market. Hard-working agents will be those that return your phone calls and answer all your questions. It is important to pick an agent that you have a good rapport with, as you will depend on their advice throughout the process.

Before you list your home on the market

There are a few steps to selling a house that happen even before you list your home to the market. Staging your home is an important step to selling your house. You may want to take the advice of your agent on how best to stage your home, or you may prefer to hire a professional stager. In either situation, it is important to show the best side of your home, in order to entice potential buyers. Remove any clutter or unnecessary personal items. Create staging that gives potential buyers the ability to imaging their life in your home. If you have pets, arrange for them to stay elsewhere while you market and how your home.

While you are deciding on the staging of your home, it is also important to consider any repairs that need to be done. Simple repairs, such as painting old walls and shampooing the carpets, can help you when you show your home. Don’t forget about the outside of the home as well. Take care of the garden and lawn so they look well kept. Repairs should be made to visible fixtures such as light switches and faucets as well.

Listing your home with SetSchedule

The professional team of real estate agents at SetSchedule can help you with critical decisions such as the asking price and method in which you want to sell your home. If your asking price is not appropriate for your property and the market, it may take you longer than you expected to find a buyer, or you might end up settling for a much lower price than you wanted. Depending on many factors, you may decide to chose a particular method to sell your house, such as selling via auction. Your agent can advise you on which method best suits your situation.

Once you have chosen a smart listing price, and the method in which to sell your house, it is time to market your house. Marketing should be done on more than one channel, and should include listings on internet websites. It is important to consider who your target audience is, and ensure that marketing is directed at this group.

The final steps to selling a house

After you have listed your house, you will begin to receive offers. You should not ignore any offer. If an offer is too low, issue a counter offer for a higher price. Be prepared to negotiate. There are many options to consider when negotiating a contract, such as including a first right of refusal if your buyer’s offer is contingent upon them selling their home.

After you decide to accept an offer, you still have a few more steps to complete. You must work closely with your transaction coordinator to open an escrow. Appointments for appraisers, home inspectors, and other contractually required inspectors must be completed. Prior to any inspection, make you’re your house is thoroughly cleaned. While you are not entitled to receive a copy of many of these reports unless you paid for the inspections, you may have certain rights if the buyer decides to cancel the contract due to the result of any of the inspections. Your agent and lawyer will be best able to advise you in this situation. You should also be made aware as to which of the inspection reports can be made a matter of public record. This varies and depends on the area in which you live.

Finally, after the title is transferred and you receive your payment, you will close the escrow and contract. At this point, you have successfully sold your house!

There are many steps to selling your house, and the process can be daunting and complicated. When you work with professionals, such as Roy Dekel from SetSchedule, you can have the peace of mind that you are in the capable hands of experienced and successful real estate agents.