The last few months have been a very busy period for Setschedule and its CEO Roy Dekel. Having already revolutionized the real estate industry with the ground breaking way home owners, home buyers and real estate professionals are connected, the launch of SetValue establishes Setschedule as the leading innovator within its field. As if things weren’t busy enough for the Israeli-born entrepreneur and philanthropist, the last few months have also seen the successful ramping up of activity of the SetSchedule Cares Foundation.

Setschedule Unveils SetValue

Having already shaken up the real estate field since its inception in 2014, Setschedule is once again breaking new ground with the launch of SetValue, a ground-breaking app that uses a wide range of far reaching resources to provide an estimated value of a property for home owners and home owners to make informed decisions on their home purchase or home sale. The SetValue tool utilizes the latest technology to compare information from a number of real estate websites, local data sources and public records to provide an estimated property value, which accounts for variables such as trends in sales within the area and the prices of comparable homes recently sold locally.

All home valuations performed online, including those provided by the SetValue tool, are not designed to be a legal substitute for a valuation performed by a real estate professional. However, the SetSchedule tool also has the ability to bring together home owners and home buyers to an ever-growing network of local experts to complete a formal valuation.

Roy Dekel and SetSchedule Cares Foundation Ramp Up Charity Work

Setschedule CEO Roy Dekel not content with leading the way in the real estate industry, has been busy setting the standard with his philanthropy work too. August saw the launch of the SetSchedule Cares Foundation, an organization set up to raise funds for an assortment of charities through employee matching and volunteer time. SetSchedule has pledged to match cash donations of its U.S. employees and/or donate $25 per hour for any time its employees volunteer with approved nonprofit organizations. SetSchedule has pledged to equal each donation from its employees up to $2,500 per annum. The company, headquartered in Irvine, California, actively encourages all of its employees to donate, making the SetSchedule Cares Foundation and its contributions a real community affair.

Despite being very community centric, having started with annual beach cleanup days the SetSchedule Cares Foundation aims to provide donations to over 19,000 charities. In an ambitious move, the foundation has a three-year plan in place to expand the foundation so that by the Summer of 2020, it will be in a position to be able to donate $1.5 million.

Roy Dekel has been a tireless campaigner for a whole host of community and international charities over the years. A dedicated patron to American Technion Society (ATS), the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Larger than Life, Israeli-born Roy Dekel has never forgotten his roots and has become a stalwart of local Jewish charitable organizations as well organizations supporting the 500,000 Israeli-Americans through the Israeli American council (IAC).