Roy Dekel is a big name in the field of real estate experience, finance, entertainment and marketing industries. He has functioned in many roles like Director of Business Development, President, co-founder and CEO of his portfolio companies. He is also a strong advocate of the Israeli and Jewish community. He is also associated with L.A., an organization helping the cancer-affected people and children.

Roy Dekel is about to start an internship program to train the youth under his leadership. The agenda of the training includes the following aspects:-

 To have the sufficient risk-taking ability and passion to start an entrepreneurship in the incubator style.

 To share one’s knowledge and experience with others and inspire them follow the same foot-steps. In

fact, this is what Roy Dekel is himself planning to do.

 Sharing knowledge related to what makes a business prosper.

 People generally think that business is all about being successful in life and making a lot of money.

However, a businessman should also stand for his community and work for the welfare of the same.

 People of the upcoming generations should also be inspired by this ideal.

 Roy Dekel companies were found on this principle only. It helps in the economic growth of the country as


 Mind development in the technological and real estate industries is also important.

Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire. But, not many of them want to build a strong community or work for the betterment of the society or development of the country’s economy. However, one should understand that becoming rich is not the only thing that one should expect from a business. There are other aspects to it as well. Roy Dekel is a living example of this concept. He wants others to follow his path and hence is giving opportunity of an internship to the youngsters. They will not only learn how to use social media as a tool to promote their business, to show the correct attitude, to succeed in life by loving whatever they are doing and to be humble, but also to work as a community leader.

The young people should consider themselves lucky enough to get this chance and make the maximum out of it. Apart from getting inspired themselves, they should also spread the ideas among others.