Many real estate investors tend to be driven, determined, and constantly working towards financial independence and prosperity.  Nonetheless, many of them are just as interested in giving back to their communities.  In fact, one of the greatest ways to be successful is to give back.  It is better to give, as the cliche goes, than to receive.  There are plenty of ways that investors can give back, and here are but a few of them:

Advice: You may not have any money or resources to offer, but your time is actually even more valuable.  Especially if you’re an experienced real estate investor with plenty of insight, you can offer your advice and insight to novice investors so that they can prosper.  

Volunteering: As a real estate investor, you have a large stake in the community.  Take a look at local organizations within your community whose mission you support.  Volunteer your money, resources, and/or time.  Even a little can go a long way.  This is also great for exposure.  

Local real estate investing clubs: Local real estate investing clubs are volunteer-based and non-profit organizations.  Volunteering at such an organization isn’t just a great way to give back to your community and offer your experience, but it also serves as a great method for networking and finding deals.  

Supporting local businesses: Even if you aren’t volunteering with local philanthropic organizations, one of the easiest and most effective ways to give back to the community is through promoting small businesses within your community.  Buy locally, leave reviews, link to your favorite companies on your website, and consider mutually beneficial cross-promotions with them.  

Sponsoring an event: Sponsoring a local event, or a participant in a local event, is a great way to offer your support and give back to the community.  Show up at the event to show that you’re involved, and donate supplies to the cause.  

Charity drives: If you’re short of money and time, you can still partake in a charity drive.  Donate items to a local nonprofit; homeless shelters, animal shelter, and food banks, among others, always need help and supplies.