Today on Presidents Day, we take the time to remember the leaders of our country in patriotic celebrations.Originally,  the holiday was established as a day to recognize our country’s first president, it has since transformed into a holiday to pay tribute to our country’s leaders both past and present.

Roy Dekel Presidents Day

In 1879, the federal holiday was implemented by an Act of Congress to honor “The Father of his Country”, George Washington. The holiday was initially celebrated on the 22nd of February, Washington’s birthday, but has since shifted to the third Monday in February. Although many states recognize today as Presidents Day, the official name of this federal holiday is Washington’s Birthday.

As an immigrant to the United States, it was important for Roy Dekel to truly acclimate to the American Culture. As a patriot, and a retired military professional Roy Dekel has really embraced the patriotism of this country. We choose to pay tribute to George Washington today, not only to observe his birthday but for his time spent as a general. He was the first general to create a military badge of merit for soldiers, the Purple heart. Today the medal bears Washington’s image and is awarded to those soldiers injured in battle. Roy Dekel takes time on this holiday to commemorate our country’s leaders and reflect on his journey in America.

Celebrating the most important figures in American History by remembering their contribution to this country has a very special meaning to Roy Dekel, particularly through tough economic times. It is a great way for the country to remember and honor the buoyancy of this country, by celebrating some of its most memorable leaders. Take time today to acknowledge how far this country has come and to appreciate the leaders who shaped our lives with a unifying force.

Happy Presidents Day!

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